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5007 - South Carolina Johne's Disease Veterinary Certificate Program

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Cost for the program is $225, but a limited number of veterinarians will be able to take the course for free thanks to Clemson LPHD.


Contact the South Carolina Designated Johne’s Coordinator to see if you qualify for a free access code.

Boyd H. Parr, DVM
E-Mail: bparr@clemson.edu
Phone: (803) 788-2260 ext.231 

Upon completion of these modules, you will be proficient at doing on-farm risk assessments and developing herd management plans. You will be officially recognized as a Johne's Certified Veterinarian for the state of South Carolina. 

These modules present an overview and background for our state's certification program for Johne's Disease. In the subsequent modules, we will review the specific information, procedures, and regulations veterinarians need to know and master to become state certified.

If you are experiencing registration or technical difficulties with this course please email us at vetmedce@vetmed.wisc.edu