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No Pain BIG Gain

Innovations in Pain Management Techniques for the Small Animal or Special Species Patient

About the Course...

These lectures focus on current and ?cutting edge? techniques in pain management for the small animal or special species patient. Participants will learn about current principles of pain physiology and pain assessment techniques that they will be able to implement in their veterinary practices.

Classes of analgesic agents will be discussed as well as new techniques involving the use of these agents in different pain states (i.e. acute vs. chronic). Specific topics will focus on analgesia for our ever-growing population of special species,  for pregnant/neonatal patients and presentation of novel, yet practical ?tools and toys? used in pain  management that can be used everyday.

Course Presenters
From the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine:


David Brunson,  DVM, MS, DACVA
Rebecca Johnson,  DVM, PhD, DACVA
Kate Lafferty,  CVT
Paulo Steagall,  DVM, PhD, MSc, MV